Roaring Times Ahead: Migration & Rebranding

ETH Monsta
6 min readJun 29, 2023


We will unleash the Beast of Ethereum — ETH Monsta: Extreme burns and reaping rewards within a dynamic and captivating cross-chain ecosystem!

A New Chapter

Dear Community,

After careful consideration, the MEPE team has decided to rebrand and migrate our current project into something more unique, disruptive & marketable!

In short: We are migrating to a new hyper-deflationary, democratized utility NFT & vault reward token with a sell-tax structure called ETH Monsta — The Beast of Ethereum”. This migration will allow us to leverage Ethereum’s power and expand the unique MONSTA ecosystem to multiple blockchains.

It has been 84 crypto years…

Notice: We collaborated with our KYC partners at Assure DeFi to ensure that the migration process was planned and executed according to industry best practices, and while ensuring the utmost transparency.

Check out more details further down, but first things first…

Don’t Fade!

You may have noticed a decline in MEPE value at the moment of this announcement. Full transparency: This doesn’t come from panicking insiders or malicious actors, so please keep calm and seated, we have a plan!

The fat MEPE LP is 100% locked for 1 year, and we needed a kick-off strategy to extract ETH from it to ensure we can facilitate a strong start for ETH Monsta, utilizing funds for buybacks & burns as well as marketing power right out of the gate. To achieve this, we decided to release the token supply held in the MEPE treasury in exchange for ETH. We did not take this decision lightly and wouldn’t have taken this step if there was a more effective solution. Good options are few, and waiting 1 year for the LP to unlock while leaving all of you waiting was unacceptable to us!

However, there lies a great opportunity for all migration participants! MEPE holders can take advantage of this discount as we will conduct a holder snapshot at the end of the migration phase (to be announced) and are airdropping a 5–10% bonus ETH Monsta tokens to EVERY MEPE HOLDER who participated in the migration. ETH Monsta will have the same price and market cap (1:1) as MEPE before this announcement, ensuring that every holder keeps the same value of their investment!

This means that every user will hold the same value and amount of tokens once the new contract and LP are deployed. At the same time, active participants of the migration will earn bonus tokens on top of their original holdings as thanks for their participation and help.

And as mentioned above — users have the unique opportunity to increase their total share before the snapshot by taking advantage of the MEPE discount, while the new project launches with the locked-in MEPE market cap & price (~$525K, ~0.00126 ).

How can I participate in the Migration?

MEPE holders may send their tokens to the MEPE deployer wallet: 0xF9CD24Ea57613301388Fd3388f89A786e3AAfCa7

By participating in the bonus airdrop campaign and sending your MEPE tokens, you will enable us to extract the MEPE LP, leading to a stronger launch for the new project. This extraction will be utilized to implement impactful strategies such as buybacks, burns, and more effective FOMO marketing, helping us create the desired effects on the early chart and generate significant interest. Your participation plays a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Do I have to participate in the Migration?

If you retain your tokens, you will be included in the holder snapshot and automatically receive the same amount of ETH Monsta as you held in MEPE. However, you won’t receive any bonus airdrop, and also cause the value of the unused MEPE LP to stay at unnecessarily higher levels until it unlocks in 1 year.

When is the Holder Snapshot?

We anticipate getting the migration done as soon as possible. You can expect the snapshot approximately 7 days after we released this announcement. We will announce the snapshot approximately 1–3 hours before.

How does the Migration Airdrop work?

Once the new token is live, everyone who sent us their MEPE tokens, and everyone included in the holder snapshot will automatically receive their new tokens (1:1 — plus 5–10% bonus for migration participants) in their wallets.

How does the Bonus Airdrop work?

We will send you the bonus amount of ETH Monsta tokens after the completion of the migration, so you don’t have to do anything besides participating in the migration by sending your MEPE to the above-mentioned address.

Airdrop Bonus Details

  • Everyone sending 1 million MEPE or more to us will receive 10% extra ETH Monsta tokens
  • Everyone sending 100K MEPE or more to us will receive 5% extra ETH Monsta tokens.


Notice: Don’t engage in any airdrop claiming and only follow instructions from our official channels. The team will never send you direct messages, ask for your wallet details or request any funds from you privately! Please report anyone in the Telegram chat or on Twitter if they claim to be from the team & are trying to illicit funds or information from you. Your safety is Important to us!

How does the MEPE LP Extraction work?

We will be using all MEPE tokens sent to us to further extract the MEPE LP after the holder snapshot.

What will the extracted ETH from the LP be used for?

  • Creating the new LP on Uniswap
  • Buybacks & Burns (focus)
  • Asset Vault Kick-Off Reserve
  • Marketing/CEX/Development/Advisors

The Need for Change: Addressing Challenges and Enhancing Marketability

While the presale phase of MEPE surpassed our expectations, we faced difficulties after the project’s launch. Despite our initial marketing efforts, the large liquidity pool and transaction dynamics did not have the desired impact on the chart, which did not align with the current market sentiment for a token with virtually no utility and a saturated PEPE hype.

To ensure the project’s long-term viability and market appeal, we decided to cease marketing expenditures while MEPE was still in its early stages. We have come together to make substantial changes and create something much more impactful — ETH Monsta

ETH Monsta Tokenomics




??? (for your financial safety we won’t disclose the ticker until trading starts)

Supply Distribution

Project Reserve (25%)
2% Development (vested over 3 months)
3% MEPE Presale Claim Reserve (unvested, secured in multi-signature wallet, remainder will be burned when MEPE LP unlocks in ~1 year)
5% Marketing/Community (vested over 5 months)
5% Buyback-and-Burn (vested over 5 months)
5% Team (vested over 3 months)
5% CEX Reserve (unvested, secured in multi-signature wallet)

Other (75%)
% LP
~35% MEPE holders (incl. bonus airdrop)
~40% burnt over 3 months (vested over 3 months)


9% sell tax (ETH)

It will be used for:

  • Buyback & Burn ETH Monsta (focus)
  • Accumulate Vault Asset(s)
  • Development/Marketing/Advisors
  • Buyback & Burn MONSTA

The distribution will remain fluid to allow us to adapt to changing landscapes as needed.

Liquidity Pool

  • 100% locked (3 months with relocks).

This is to remain adaptable to the LP situation.

What can we expect at/after the launch and in the near future?

  • New branding and logo including website
  • Decreased LP with healthy liquidity/market cap ratio to enable price volatility and better marketability
  • About 45% deflation of total supply in the first 3 months (depends on success of LP extraction/migration user participation)
  • Strong treasury using extracted ETH for buybacks & burns
  • All standard listings
  • Marketing/Affiliate campaign
  • Vault accumulation of non-correlated asset(s) with short reward cycles
  • Vault reward utility NFT collections
  • Creative smart contract development to enhance the ecosystem/business model
  • Cross-Chain MONSTA/ETH Monsta swap integration
  • MONSTA buybacks & burns
  • Voting on project proposals
  • DEX supply squeeze
  • Centralized Exchange listing
  • NFT artist and project partnerships
  • Advisor onboarding
  • Team expansion

More details on the above plans and development items will follow soon…

Conclusion: Embracing Growth, Adaptability, and the Future

As we embark on this journey, we express our deepest gratitude for your continued support, trust, and loyalty. We understand that migrations can be challenging and scary, but we are committed to making the process as smooth as possible for all of you.

These changes mark an exciting chapter in our project’s evolution, allowing us to better position ourselves for growth, adapt to market demands, and further integrate with the MONSTA ecosystem.

We look forward to sharing more exciting updates and details about ETH Monsta in the days and weeks ahead! Remember, the more value we derive from the MEPE LP the greater our positioning and potential for outstanding performance!

Stay tuned, your Pepe Mo…ehm.., ETH Monsta team! Let’s do this! 💪

What is ETH Monsta?

ETH Monsta is the first addition to the Multi-Chain Monsta Finance ecosystem. As a unique project under the MONSTA umbrella, ETH Monsta embraces the power of Ethereum, unlocking extreme burns and rewarding participants within a dynamic cross-chain ecosystem. Prepare for an exciting new chapter filled with unparalleled opportunities and captivating adventures in the world of ETH Monsta!



ETH Monsta

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