MONSTA Finance: Pioneering Vault System for Empowered Decentralized Finance and Advanced Yield Farming

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8 min readAug 3, 2023


In today’s update, we are poised to introduce you to the groundbreaking foundations of our unprecedented meme token, $METH. Embodied by a revolutionary multi-asset vault system with integrated next-gen NFTs,’ $METH champions empowered decentralized community finance and advanced yield farming. We are set to offer deeper insights into our visionary multi-asset vault architectural designs.

Prepare to commence an electrifying journey with us, as we showcase an ecosystem that transcends the conventional, offering you compelling motivations to share in our excitement and invest in our audacious vision.

Content overview

Our MAV vision is built on four powerful pillars, each designed to provide a unique and compelling utility, accommodating the interests and aspirations of our community in anticipation of the impending bull market:

  1. Unlocking Synergies and Opportunities — Marketing/Collaboration Utility
  2. Vault-integrated NFT Collections — NFT Utility
  3. Community investment and asset management — Vault Yield Utility
  4. Buy-backs and Token Scarcity — Deflationary/Reward Utility

To get a first glimpse into the overall concept, please review this high-level overview. Once you understand the approach, you should find the subsequent information more digestible.

The MAV system utilities

1. Unlocking Synergies and Opportunities — Marketing/Collaboration Utility

Let us sever ties with pre-established constraints in this space and embrace transformative partnerships! Our ability to offer stratified investment packages to promising projects will inaugurate a myriad of co-marketing opportunities, enhancing visibility, and nurturing connections. MONSTA Finance advocates that collaborations should be an actual win-win-win scenario, genuinely benefiting projects, communities, and the crypto sphere at large.

We see us on a mission to dispel the darkness that has overshadowed the crypto space in the past years, forging enduring friendships, and meaningful connections while reinstating trust. Get ready to join a project that is committed to making a difference and creating positive change in the world!

2. Fully vault-integrated NFT Collections — NFT Utility

Introducing METH-fueled co-branded NFTs — exclusively minted on our platform! How will you get your hands on these? It’s simple! Users send partner tokens to the vault or buy them directly via our platform. A purchase/sacrifice tier will govern their chances of minting soulbound NFTs (sNFT) which will be available in various rarity sets.

Our sNFTs will unleash a thrilling game of chance, where you can explore rarities and fusion possibilities. The objective? Generate state-of-the-art Vault NFTs (vNFTs) of the latest ERC-6551 standard — the ultimate NFT innovation that unlocks a wealth of possibilities! vNFTs will serve as a key to claim your share of vault revenue at the end of each short-term cycle and more!

The ERC-6551 standard empowers your NFT with astonishing new use cases. Envision this: Your NFT transforms into a secure repository for not just any ERC-20 token but even items like raffle tickets, reward boosters, OATs, puzzle pieces to unravel mysteries and even music! And all of this can be traded and transferred in a single transaction! 🤯

At MONSTA Finance, our ambition is to be trailblazers in the NFT realm. As one of the first projects to utilize the new ERC-6551 standard, we will present you with an unparalleled opportunity to pioneer a potential new NFT trend! Prepare to make history!

Our vNFTs will be more than just a key to open our vaults. They will be crafted by AAA artists, ensuring captivating art designs and granting you access to additional platform features like METH staking. Each vNFT will belong to an extremely limited NFT collection, distinctly branded for each short-term cycle (STV). Embrace rarity and exclusivity like never before!

Some details

  • vNFTs will be obtained by fusing a specific quantity of sNFTs.
  • The fusion from sNFT to vNFT will utilize a protocol fee that fortifies our vaults, enhances buyback power, and cultivates a new revenue stream for the project treasury to accelerate development!
  • Partner tokens utilized to mint sNFTs will amass in the STV and will be bestowed as a reward for vNFT holders who meet certain METH holding criteria. If partner tokens were purchased via our platform a trading fee will be deployed to amass vault assets.
  • For the partner token, we will constrain supply for their project and augment buying power on their token — conversely, we are gaining invaluable visibility within thriving communities and accruing more rewards in our vaults. This can potentially catalyze exponential growth and presents an innovative approach to effective marketing solutions.

Endgame for the User/Holder:

  • Your aim is to earn a revenue share from the vaults and generate income.
  • Your revenue share will be contingent on the quantity of METH you hold within your vNFT and your overall activity in our ecosystem.
  • The potential total revenue of the vaults is dependent on the success of the accumulated cryptocurrencies, overarching market sentiments, and the performance of previous STV cycles. We will reap the maximum benefits if the markets are hyped. Hence, we construct during the bear market, to bask in the bull!
  • User activities will factor into vault share computations to ensure fair game for all holders. These could include earned OATs (On-Chain achievements), users/wallets who end up in the TOP 10 referral program leaderboards, bearers of certain community roles/responsibilities (like raid/army leaders, sponsored shillers, hype voices on VC, Spaces), diamond handing individuals who refrained from selling, trading volume generators, and so on. The flexibility allows us to get innovative with different achievement metrics, ensuring an equitable distribution of rewards.
  • Users will be equipped with a comprehensive dashboard to monitor all necessary metrics, making the ecosystem visually appealing and facilitating tracking of vital statistics.

3. Community investment and asset management — Multi-Vault Utility

Your voice is valued, and we are granting you the power! As an investor and community member, you’ll have the opportunity to propose and vote on assets for the short-term vaults (STV), collectively shaping our investment strategies. Our top 50 holders will play a crucial role in influencing the success of our MAV through their foresight, and they’ll be rewarded for their successfully proposed assets at the end of the long-term vault (LTV) cycle (which contains four STV cycles).

Both STV and LTV will reward those who undertake the most significant financial risk and who devote the most time to active engagement in our ecosystem. It’s a truly inclusive model where everyone’s interests are aligned with the project’s success. The platform will be highly dynamic, with strategies evolving based on market conditions and on community consensus. The goal is to create a fully decentralized, self-managing finance platform where innovative minds collaborate, always keeping the right values at the forefront.

Additionally, we welcome “degen plays” that operate with fewer constraints, granting our future vault managers creative freedom in managing funds based on consensus in the hopes of achieving vault-owned moonshots!

4. Buybacks and Token Scarcity — Deflationary/Reward Utility

We place our users and the sustainability of our platform at the heart of our mission! Through the continuous deflation of the MONSTA Finance token supply (METH & MONSTA) and strategic buyback programs, we strive to maintain token price stability and reward users. The added benefit of this approach is an increasing scarcity of tokens, which consequently enhances the value of your investments.

We are committed to fostering a stimulating and growth-oriented culture, and to this end, we plan to hold regular weekly burn events. Brace yourself for an environment that is inherently rewarding, where the potency of deflation is an ally to your assets’ growth!

Learn more about our buyback mechanisms here.

Shaping the Future: Translating Vision into Reality

Our optimism for the future is unwavering, and we are meticulously preparing for the impending bull market! By building during the bear market, we strategically position MONSTA Finance to fully harness the potential of the next bull cycle.

With favorable market conditions, we anticipate exponential growth and look forward to making the most out of the potential upswing. Are you ready to watch your investments skyrocket and relish the prosperity associated with being part of this forward-thinking ecosystem?

When are we going live?

Our initial STV cycle is imminent, targeted for the next 1–2 months. While we are devoted to expedited progress, we place equal emphasis on thorough assessments to ensure investor security and overall sustainability. Every move we make is intricately designed to enhance the platform and fulfill our ambitious vision. Stay tuned for updates!

But Gas..?

We understand that creating a complex system on Ethereum necessitates the ability to withstand potentially high gas costs, especially during a bull market. Therefore, our developmental focus will be heavily directed towards finding efficient solutions. Our continuous effort will be to identify and implement methods that can mitigate any additional costs for both users and the protocol itself.


The MONSTA Finance ecosystem is an invitation to be part of something extraordinary, where revolutionary ideas converge with community empowerment. No matter your experience level in the crypto space, we extend a warm welcome to join us on this thrilling ride.

Together, we will conquer uncharted territories, reshape decentralized investment and asset management, and set the stage for a brighter, more prosperous future. 🚀🌟

TLDR version for the lazy ducks

  • METH is designed to offer a distinctive approach to decentralized investment and asset management.
  • The MAV system includes four powerful pillars: Marketing/Collaboration Utility, NFT Utility, Vault Yield Utility, and Deflationary/Reward Utility.
  • MONSTA will be integral to all future plans and will mutually benefit from METH’s potential success. Be part of this friendship!
  • MAV facilitates co-marketing opportunities, fully vault-integrated NFT collections, community-driven vault finance, token scarcity, and rewards through buy-backs.
  • Users can earn revenue shares based on their activity and METH holdings in vNFTs (ERC-6551).
  • MONSTA Finance is focused on building during the bear market and priming for exponential growth in the forthcoming bull cycle.
  • NFTs minted exclusively on our platform offer various fusion opportunities, providing access to a portion of vault revenue.
  • The ERC-6551 standard enables NFTs with multiple new uses, enhancing their versatility and value.
  • The MAV system emphasizes community engagement and inclusivity, allowing users to propose and vote on assets for short-term vaults and be rewarded for their contributions.

About Monsta Finance

Monsta Finance is an innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) protocol operating on both BNBChain and Ethereum blockchain. The platform consists of $MONSTA on BNBChain, $METH on ETH, and Monsta Party NFTs on BNBChain, establishing a growing and vibrant ecosystem. Monsta Finance is committed to driving positive change through crypto and actively contributes to philanthropic causes through its charity initiative Monsta For Good. Join the journey towards reshaping the future of finance and digital ownership with this transparent and innovative blockchain platform.

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